Monday, 21 August 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, Team Tuima

In this post, I am going to introduce my awesome team. I was unfortunately absent when they put the teams together, so I do not know exactly how they did it. Anyway, I jumped in a couple of days later, and was welcomed by these lovely people:

Maria is 16 years old, and comes from Tampere. She moved to Salo a bit over a week ago, when she started studying on this course. Maria's dream is to one day move to the countryside and renovate or build a house there. Her motivation in life are her supportive friends and family.

Minea is 16 years old (17 in September!), and she currently lives in Piikki√∂. The possibility to diversely develop oneself motivates her in life. In the future Minea would like to do things that make her happy, in addition to which her dream is that all of the people closest to her would get to live a healthy and joyful life.

Tuulia is 37 years old, and her origins are in Southern Ostrobothnia. Nowadays she lives in Salo with her husband and children. Her motivation is her family, without whom she could not imagine her life. Tuulia hopes that she can raise her children to be just and honest adults. She dreams of working full time in job that she enjoys. Tuulia's other dreams include a house of their own, and a holiday (or several) together with her husband.

Rules of conduct

We made a little list of rules to help our team work well together. We think it is important that everyone in the team feels unafraid to speak up and to suggest any ideas they come up with. Let the creativity bloom! Another very important rule to note is number 5: "If anxiety hits, we go for a coffee."

First assignment

Our task as a team is to design a display window for a (retail) shop. Before we go out on the hunt to find a customer, we made a "lotus flower" mind map thingie to pin down the things that need to be considered when creating the design.

the brand, the customer, the planning

Which brand are we working with? What is their vibe? What is their history? What is the location? Who are their customers? How and where do they usually advertise? What campaigns have they got coming up? What is the budget? What is the schedule? What does the customer want?

tidiness, the build up, the theme

How functional is the space in terms of cleaning? Who is responsible for cleaning the space before, during and after? What are we capable of building ourselves? What do we need help with? What equipment is required? Which materials do we use? Do we need furniture? Lighting? Which products are placed where? What theme are we working around (i.e. seasons, holidays, colours..)? How do we make the overall look alluring?

the colours, the style, the layout

How is the lighting? Which colour palette are we using? Does the customer have a certain colour palette that is already recognisable as theirs? Contrast? What kind of atmosphere are we going for? What is the style we are looking for? Are we going for what is "in", or something alternative? How do we place furniture, products, posters, etc, in the space? How to make the product stand out? What kind of props are required?

Next step: Find a customer

Up next for Team Tuima is to find a customer in Salo centre, who will be so kind as to let us design a new display window for them. Let the hunt begin!

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