Tuesday, 22 August 2017

retail design blog - The most interesting display

Our assignment was to go to Retail design blog, and choose one display to be introduced in our blog. I found so many interesting displays, but eventually the one I am about to introduce ended up being the one that I kept coming back to.

The retail display I found the most interesting and compelling was an essence Maker shop pop-up designed by ARNO and DFROST, in collaboration with top three teams from the ARDA (ARNO Retail Design Award) 2016 competition. 

essence Maker Shop pop-up // Berlin 2017 // Retail Design Blog

To be honest, when we were first told about this assignment I was picturing in my head to choose something very chic. But then I came across this one, and it was love at first sight. 

Not only is the design visually amazing, also the concept behind it is original - not to mention that ARNO and DFROST had young designers working on the design through The ARDA 2016, a fact which I appreciate enormously. The idea behind this design is a DYI shop, where the customer can quite literally create their own make-up.

"The do-it-yourself approach of the store includes mechanical gearwheels, symbolizing workmanship. Customers can experience the entire process from development of individual nail varnish or lip-gloss to the design of the packaging." // retail design blog, July 11th

essence Maker Shop pop-up // Berlin 2017 // Retail Design Blog

I find the colours used delicious and inspiring, and I think this shop will definitely catch the attention of anyone passing by, whether they are into make-up or not. The designers have succeeded in making a display that is inviting and has the very essence of essence: fun, colours, confidence, creativity, inspiration and individuality.

Furthermore, the design is clever; because of its originality and strong contrast to "real world", the design screams to be the background of Instagram pictures - and the designers are aware of that. According to the project overview on DFROST's website,
"Supporting the selfie lifestyle was one of the main criteria of the design concept. Throughout nearly 175 square meters there are motives everywhere that encourage customers to take pictures and share them on social media." // DFROST

All in all, I think the design is a success:
- it is functional, meaning that there is enough space for actually creating your own make-up
- it looks like the brand it represents
- because of the selfie-encouraging-atmosphere, it is very in and up to date
- and most importantly, it has an inspiring over all look that will most definitely attract their target audience (and possibly make a few new essence fans, too)

Well done!

P.S. For more pictures and information on the design, visit Retail Design Blog and DFROST, and if you fell in love with essence, make sure to check out their website here!

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