Friday, 8 September 2017

Wash the windows! Iron away!

To gain the know-how of ironing clothes and washing windows, we were given an assignment to practice the tasks at home and make a blog post about it.

Let's start with ironing.
If you are like me (a bit of a perfectionist), you will need some of that zen and namaste for this one.

I have two shirts, an iron, and an ironing board. (I have heard a spray bottle would be good too since the water mist eases ironing the creases, but unfortunately I do not have one)

The main thing to check is which temperature the cloth requires. If you use too low a temperature, the creases will not disappear, and if the iron is too hot, you risk damaging the material.

Once you have the correct temperature set - off you go!

A t-shirt is fairly easy to iron, but if you lose your focus even just for one second, one of these nasty little creases may appear. The trick: patience.

A blouse, however, is a bit trickier because they often have details such as pockets and buttons, not to mention the collar which I struggle with every single time.

Have to say, even a t-shirt looks so much better after a bit of ironing!


Up next: A brighter view!

- a bucket
- a dishcloth
- a dry towel or cloth
- washing up liquid

1. Mix some washing up liquid with warm water.
2. Was the whole window with dishcloth and water.

3. Dry the window with even strokes from the top to the bottom. This way you will not leave any marks on the glass.

4. Sit back and admire!

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