Sunday, 29 October 2017


My Thursday and Friday were spent at the SOK Media office. I attended a few meetings, was introduced to the whole department, and continued working on the design tasks I've been given. One of them involves using Adobe Illustrator, and so I have been watching tutorials on, for example, how to create cubes in Illustrator.

what is usually found on my desk: a laptop, several sheets of paper, pens of all sorts, and a coffee cup

Trying to come up with good, original ideas is proving to be quite a challenge. I have to take into account the target audience, cost efficiency, the brand image, all at the same time as I'm striving to keep my mind open for new great ideas. I am using the same technique we used when designing the Open Day posters a month ago in school, and making sketch after sketch just to get all the bad and good ideas out of my system, in order to get to the brilliant ideas. So far, I am not impressed with what I've come up with, so I will keep on working on this.


Each Friday there is a weekly catch-up-get-together for the whole office, aptly called "What's up?". Here, some of the teams will give a little insight on what they are working, the people leaving the office are thanked, the new people in the office are introduced, etc. As the newbie, I was brought on stage to tell a bit about myself and what I do here. I must have done something right, since right after I was approached by people from, f.ex., the social media team, who asked if I would like to do some work with them during my trainee period. Yay!

What's up?


List of (new) words I heard/learnt:
fakkivastaus = FAQ -vastaus (= perus copypaste vastaus)
käsittely monimediaisesti
live (=mediasisällön julkaisu, "Pistää liveks")
POS materiaali = point of service material

One week down, eight to go, and I am still just as excited as I was beforehand!

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