Monday, 23 October 2017

DAY ONE : Trainee at SOK

Today was my first day of training period in Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta, where I will be until the 21st December if all goes well and as planned. I was excited for this placement already beforehand, and I was not disappointed!


In the morning, my supervisor introduced me to the company and to the massive building, in which I will most probably get lost several times during these two months. I got my own key card,  too, which I think is pretty cool to have.

After lunch, I got to attend two meetings regarding a brand (r)evolution for one of the chains. Although to some sitting in a meeting may sound very boring, I found it fascinating to sit in the same room with designers and people from the marketing team, listening and watching them work. I have a feeling that I will like it here!


List of (new) words I heard/learnt today:
arkirealismibenchmarkbrändimainontaframillego -käskyjärkkäri (=kuvausjärjestelijä)
konseptoitu palvelumyyntiratkaisu
private label
scoutata (=to scout)
(sorry for the hotchpotch Finglish mixture - that's the reality of it!)

It is still a bit difficult to determine my role here at SOK, but hopefully it will become clearer day by day. Stay tuned!

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