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SOK - an introduction

1970, Timo Herranen // retrieved from SOK Media photo library

✖︎ General   ✖︎

The S Group is a major employer in Finland with several regional co-operatives across the country. Its key objective is to provide competitive services and benefits for the co-op members in a profitable manner. The S Group is owned by its more than two million co-op members, who enjoy a broad range of services in all of Finland. The most important benefit is the Bonus reward, along with payment method benefit, surplus return, and interest on the membership fee. In a nutshell, the co-op membership means product and service benefits of various kinds, and an opportunity to influence the development of the S Group's services.

✖︎ Specs   ✖︎

The S Group has over 1600 outlets, around 40 000 employees, and 2.3 million co-op members.

1952, Mannerheimintie 70 // retireved from SOK Media photo library

✖︎ Sales   ✖︎

The biggest part of the S Group's sales is the supermarket trade, after which follow (from biggest to smallest sales) department store and speciality store trade, service station store and fuel trade , travel industry and hospitality business, hardware trade, automotive trade, and agricultural trade.

✖︎ Chains   ✖︎

Supermarket trade
  • Prisma (hypermarket)
    • stores in Finland, Russia and Estonia
  • S-Market
  • Alepa
    • Helsinki region only
  • Sale
  • ABC Market

Department store and speciality store trade
  • Sokos
  • Emotion
  • Marks & Spencer (cooperation since 2014)

Service station store and fuel sales
  • ABC
    • ABC Deli, ABC CarWash

Travel industry and hospitality business
  • Sokos Hotel (the biggest and the best known hotel chain in Finland)
  • Radisson Blu
  • Restaurant chains such as Rosso, Amarillo, Fransmanni
  • Restaurant Wanha Satama
  • Restaurant Kitzens

Hardware trade
  • Kodin Terra
  • S-Rauta

Procurement and logistics
  • Inex Partners Oy
  • Meira Nova Oy
  • NEOT (North European Oil Trade)

    • Owned by S Group and LocalTapiola Group

✖︎ Partners   ✖︎

Business partners
Elisa, Hertz, Niemi-Palvelut, Oral, Pohjolan Matkat, Silmäasema, Viking Lone

Social responsibility partners
Children's Day Foundation, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Finnish Red Cross, the Football Association of Finland

✖︎ Values   ✖︎

We exist for the customer
We take responsibility for people and the environment
We constantly renew our operations
We operate profitably

✖︎ Business model   ✖︎

source: S Group today (PowerPoint presentation, SOK Media, 2016)

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