Monday, 20 November 2017


- Customer satisfaction survey seminar 13/11/17 -

This week I got to attend a seminar about a customer satisfaction survey that was made this year. As my supervisor Tea had another meeting to attend, I wrote a summary of the results of the survey for her. On Tuesday, I also went through my notes in a meeting with BOND to get the rest of the team up-to-date, too. This taught me to process the information I have been given in order to find the essential facts specific to the projects the team is currently working on.

- train to Turku 15/11/17 -

- Turku railway station 15/11/17 -

Wednesday and Thursday was spent traveling to and from Turku and Salo, photographing the units there. I have now altogether been to 22 different units around Helsinki, Karjaa, Salo and Turku, and can pretty confidently say that I know the good and bad choices that can be made on grocery and retail shop floors.
Although all of these units are part of a chain, they are all slightly different, as each shop manager has the final say over their unit. However, now based on all the "evidence" I have collected, I shall write some improvement suggestions for Tea, who will have a look at them and - should she find my points relevant - will pass them on.

- lunch break in Turku, working out of office -

List of (new) words and phrases I heard/learnt: 
modulaarinen valaistus
sisäinen lanseeraus

"visuaalisen maailman koherentti johtaminen"

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