Sunday, 12 November 2017


This week I have worked on creating a Christmas card for the SOK Media department, and I am getting more and more familiar with using Illustrator! Unfortunately, my favourite project here so far (designing the bag for Sokos) was cancelled from my part, so this was probably my last play with Illustrator here.

I was given a tutorial on how to use and upload pictures to DAM, the corporation's photo library. I can now upload the pictures I took in the shops and supermarkets, so that they are available for use for the media department should anyone require them. This week, I was busy with other things and so I did not go to any shops, but I started writing an analysis on the layout and arrangement solutions made in the shops I have already visited.

On Wednesday I was given the opportunity to attend "Mediapäivä", a day when different marketing companies come to give a presentation of how SOK could benefit from work with them. I sat there for six hours, writing notes page after page, and I quite honestly think that day was the best one I have had so far here. I learned about the latest research of people's media usage and behaviour, as well as about the ways in which all these massive media companies do marketing, i.e. how they get the consumers (like myself) to engage. This knowledge feels extremely valuable to me, not only with regards to my (future) career, but also in my personal every day life. The more I know about the ways I am being bombed with stimuli, the more conscious decisions I can make.


List of (new) words I heard/learnt:

affinity -yleisö (kiinnostuneita)
bomber ad (ei voi skipata)
campaign performance (=kampanjatehokkuus)
case esimerkki
consumer journey
dynamic targeting
FiM = first in media
in market -yleisö (ostoksilla)
kommunikaatio =mitä esim. kaupoissa opastepinnoilla lukee
kustikset (= kustannukset)
life evets -yleisö (elämän tilanteet ajavat)
look and feeling =yleisfiilis
multi-objective ad formats (=inspire and offer)
"nousee natiivisti esiin"
"pallonivel" (=yhdistävä tekijä)
"people of Walmart"
rich media
top of mind
yksikkö =myymälä

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