Friday, 3 November 2017


Weekly update:

Tuomiokirkko, Helsinki // 31.10.2017

Design projects

I have a couple of design tasks on going, and I've been focusing on those, trying to come up with that one idea that is pure fire. Finally one of my ideas had something to it, and I have now started creating the design on Illustrator. My supervisor also advised me to learn to use InDesign and Photoshop, too, because having the knowledge in all the three will make it a lot easier for me to get a job as a designer's assistant.


This week I started the never ending task of going to the corporate's shops and supermarket, taking pictures. Pretty boring and simple job, but a very important one since the pictures are needed to make comparisons of the different solutions the shops have made (since each shop is somewhat autonomic, their shop layout and overall look may be very different from the guidance given by the SOK Media department, where I work).

S-market Sokos Helsinki

S-Pankki Sokos Helsinki


Again, I got to attend some meetings (the context of which I cannot talk about here).
However, attending one of these meeting was eye opening, and I will write something about that. My supervisor took me with her to BOND creative agency. First of all, their office was awesome. Shelves full of design books, music playing.. all in all a really cool vibe! Secondly, the people there are friendly, funny and welcoming. But that wasn't the turning point I am talking about.

BOND creative agency, Helsinki

A member of the team from BOND said that she once wanted to become a graphic designer, but felt she was better at coming up with ideas than making them reality in a design. She found the world of design interesting, and so she figured out what she was good at - and now she works at one of the top creative studios in Finland as a kind of a project manager (I am not sure of her official title, apologies if this is incorrect!). Basically, she is the one who communicates with the customers, with the designers, makes budget calculations, handles scheduling etc.

BOND creative agency, Helsinki

And here is my discovery:

That is what I am good at. Scheduling, budgeting, communicating with designers and customers. That's what I want to do!

Kruununhaka, Helsinki // 31.10.2017


List of (new) words I heard/learnt:a-ständi
hälyhuppu (=hälyportin mainosputkilo)
kt = käyttötavara
pt = päivittäistavara
sukat (=hälyporttien mainosputkilot)

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