Monday, 18 December 2017


On Tuesday I was at the weekly meeting with Bond, only this time my supervisor wasn't there so I was present mostly to keep on track with the ongoing projects.

This week I also attended a SOK MEDIA seminar regarding the year 2017 and a meeting about the ABC burger photoshoot. I also did some basic assistant things, such as sorting out information about access keys and meeting room bookings.

ABC burgers photoshoot

The photo shoot was held at Fotonokka studio. In addition to me, the team included the photographer, food stylist, ABC's representative Elina and my supervisor Tea. The day was exhausting, although all I did was watch and comment as the photographer and stylist worked to build the pictures. In addition, I was asked to take pictures that would - possibly - be used in ABC's social media posts (some of the pictures I post here below).

What stroke me was the difference between reality and picture. What I saw with my own eyes vs. what the camera produced into an image were from two completely different worlds, and although I have been aware of how images are often not truthful, this opened my eyes in a whole new way. In addition, the amount of work and placing and tuning that went into making the burgers look as delicious as possible is baffling!

Ever wondered what is in the food stylist's bag?

I will never look at pictures the way I used to.

(AND, now I know some hacks as to how to create great photographs, even if I am not likely to be doing food photography in the future.)

At this Friday's "What's up?" the department thanked me and wished me the best of luck for my future endeavours (although realistically those endeavours will still be bringing me into this building). I got to tell a little about my thoughts regarding the time I have spent here, and about what is happening next in my studies.

As an important side note, my blog's visitor statistics went up in a BOOM when the address was posted in the company's Workplace -site. 

List of (new) words and phrases I heard/learnt:  
asiakasomistajuuden äänensävy
"diskleimeri" = disclaimer
"fiitsöreitä" = feautures
graafinen muotokieli
"kitti" = kit
"puhuu Lauria"
"tiiseri" = teaser

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