Friday, 22 December 2017

WEEK NINE - end of SOK MEDIA traineeship

The last week.

On Monday, I completed and handed in the PowerPoint presentation I made for Tea. It is a summary of the research I did on the market milieu in form of pictures. Below a few screenshots of what I made. I decided to divide the pictures into categories by chains, and then into subcategories by units. I did not include any text, as this PowerPoint is meant to be used as a template that can be modified to each user's own needs.

This week I attended several meetings regarding some reforming, rebranding, and changes in general, which will happen in the future. We also had the weekly meeting at Bond, where we checked everyone is up-to-date with the currently ongoing projects, and reviewed the most recent draft of schedule. In addition, I attended ABC advert film meeting with people from SOK MEDIA and a team from Fotonokka studios. Unfortunately, since my traineeship ends this week, I miss the opportunity to be on the film set (the shooting is scheduled for the second week of January). It would have been a great experience to see the production of an advert film from start to finish, but hopefully I will get another chance some other time.

List of (new) words and phrases I heard/learnt:   
call sheet 
desktop -näkymä
franchise -malli
kohtaamisjärjestys (=miten asiakas kiertää myymälässä)
"liisaus" = leasing
myynnin pitchaus
offline edit / offline katselu (offline = raw version)
online dit / online katselu (online = finalised version)
partner -malli
partner -sopimus
"pitää löytää consensus"
visuaalinen sisältö

As we are at the end of my traineeship here at SOK MEDIA, I had an evaluation arranged with my teacher Johanna Rintanen and supervisor Tea Tavio. For the evaluation, I had to prepare a summary of the different tasks I have completed during my traineeship, as well as write a self-assessment discussing what I have learnt, what I can, and which skills require some more practice.

At first I felt like I haven't done much other than sitting at meetings, listening to other people talk about all these huge ongoing projects. However, as I began to break down everything starting from the very first week, I realised just how much I have actually been up to. From making notes to taking photos to writing social media posts to analysing twenty-two market units, just to mention a few.

Sure I have learnt loads of new things and new vocabulary, but the most valuable thing I have gained is trust in myself and in my own opinions. Introducing myself to new people and vocalising my thoughts and ideas to them is not as big a deal as it used to be.
This is not only beneficial for my career, but for my whole life in general.

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