Monday, 11 December 2017


My Monday was mostly spent in in two meetings. one of which seemed a bit boring and pointless, but the other one regarding Prisma spring 18 fashion advertising was very interesting. Comparing these two meetings I came to the conclusion that at least in a huge company such as this one, meetings in which no decisions are made are most often waste of everyone's time, unless the whole idea of the meeting is to create ideas. Possibly, in an ideal world, we would have the time to discuss every decision in person. However, whether it is a curse or a blessing, we nowadays have an amazing virtual network through which small matters can be processed quickly and efficiently, so that more time is left for the bigger matters.

Note to self: when calling for a meeting, have a clear agenda. Time is precious.

On Tuesday morning I had an interview for a Producer traineeship at BOND. I was nervous, but once I sat down to speak with Piia and Olivia, I calmed down, and I believe I made a good impression.

Later on, I was invited to attend a meeting with my supervisor, SOK Media's marketing manager and Bond agency representatives regarding a huge project which is supposed to begin as soon as possible. Below another example of project progression:

  1. A collective workshop (to create, share and brainstorm ideas) [group for the first workshop of this kind should be big and include people from different areas of expertise. this way the workshop will be more efficient and fruitful
  2. Analysing the starting point and workshop wrap-up ; defining the project's scope and objective, and  briefing the design team
  3. First meeting, first ideas, first possibilities
  4. Sketchbook meeting, alternative concepts
  5. etc.

Picture of a picture from a campaign a few years back

On Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th of December, I will be making a couple of social media updates for Sokos and Emotion Facebook and Instagram, more specifically regarding the advent calendar, a sale advert and an update regarding the global lifestyle brand Guess. For the advent calendar and sale advert I only phrased the text inserting the product information etc, but for Guess I made a bit more of my own research. Remember to check Sokos and Emotion FB/IG to see how I did!

List of (new) words and phrases I heard/learnt: 

creative media ideas
"face lift"
"riittävän etsy, mut riittävän massa"
"saada joku clause" = to get a break clause
"sutta ja sekundaa"

Some coffee cup wisdom


Never doubt your dreams.

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