Monday, 4 December 2017


This week I was at the weekly meeting at Bond, where we continued working on the revolution-evolution project i.e. Kodin Terra chain's re-branding. I will be using the following notes in the future when creating a new shop layout for Länsi-Uudenmaan Tanssiopisto Hurja Piruetti as part of my studies.

KODIN TERRA - evolution

During my time here I have had the opportunity to observe and comment on the re-invention process of Kodin Terra hardware chain. The biggest change will be the brand's visual look, which obviously also affects the store environment. Here are some things I have found important to note down from this process:

  • A brand has to have a recognisable colour.
  • The shop and the advertising does not have to look 100% the same. The promises made in the advertisement have to be redeemed in other means.
  • Nowadays the way the brand comes across online is everything. A website / social media page has to be good and represent the brand. If the brand has an online shop, pay attention to the product images as they make all the difference.
  • Remember to make a graphic guidebook that sets clear frames as to the typography, colours, etc for all the needed graphic material used in the shops and online.
  • When re-inventing an existing brand, the changeover can be long. What has to be taken into account is clarifying the compromises that need to be made (the changeover will take longer depending on the scale of the changes made as well as the size of the brand). A whole new look is not possible to launch at the same time everywhere immediately, especially in big companies. This means that once the process is ready, there will be three looks for the brand: the old one, the new one, and the compromise between the two. This does not mean that we should only make a design that is an easy remake of the old one; always make the best version possible, and then work out the compromise version.

Design project procession (an example):

  1. introduce the subject to the designers
  2. get a cost estimate from the designers (one week)
  3. yes/no -> the actual design process starts
  4. first look -> comments
  5. develop
  6. second look -> comments
  7. develop
  8. (hopefully) final look and approval

In addition, this week I finished the transcription of my notes from the shops, and made a summary for my supervisor Tea. As it is to a certain degree classified information, I cannot upload the whole file here. However, here is a screenshot so you get an idea of what I was working on.

I also spent some time familiarising myself with a brand called Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which was supposed to be launched in the Sokos department stores on Friday, and where I was supposed to be making an instagram post for Sokos. Unfortunately the launch was rescheduled so I did not get to do this.

List of (new) words and phrases I heard/learnt:

brändin harmonisointi
digitaalinen alusta (= digital platform)
strateginen positio

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