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Infographics, infographics

These two tasks (below) were actually exercises leading up to the graded assignment presented in my previous post. However, I did not find the time to write the report for the blog in time beforehand, and so these post are in a bit of a mixed up order.


Assignment 1

Make an infographic poster about infographics. Cover the following:

- what is infographics
- what different styles of infographics are there
- explain CMYK, RGB, the difference between them and when are they used
- explain .ai / .pdf / .png / .jpg, the difference between them and when are they used
- explain bleed / create outlines / pathfinder



For me, the best part of this task was the initial research on Pinterest. The world of infographics is vast and inspiring! Here are two of my favourites:

retrieved from Pinterest 

retrieved from Pinterest

Before even starting the research on Pinterest, I gathered all the information needed for the poster. I eventually decided not to use all of it, because the required information fit so well in my design that any additional text/image would have changed the layout.


After my research on the world of infographics, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do. I was so sure of the design that I acted against the rules and I only drew this one sketch before starting to play with illustrator.


I chose the colours based on a palette I found on COLOURlovers. I combined shades of turquoise and teal together with refreshing light grey and pearl, adding also pure white to give that extra contrast.


I started by creating the background rectangle and header, which I changed from my sketch into a kind of flat pentagon shape. Then I created the dominating title "Infographics", under which a placed an subheading "A visual that provides information" to clarify what infographics means. I then proceeded to create the headings in order to group the information in a clearer way.

Although not in my original sketch, I wanted to illustrate the different types of infographics with images/icons instead of using only text. This is a quicker way to understand what is actually meant. Out of the several different types of infographics I chose to present timeline, comparison, flowchart, list and photo based options.

The photo-based one was the most challenging out of the five. However, I think I did pretty well! I created the coffee cup cut-out by using pen tool, curvature tool and clipping mask.

After this, the rest was pretty simple. I created the boxes, added, adjusted and aligned the text, and inserted a few icons better to illustrate the colour modes.


For the final version I aligned the "commonly used types" and all the boxes to the same width, to make the layout more organised.


Assignment 2

The task was to create an infographic illustration of the work placement we did before Christmas.


Because my work placement was with S Group, I felt it was necessary to include a massive letter S in the illustration. I tried a few different layouts, but chose to go for the vertical one.


For the colours, I wanted to use the colours that represent the company (and used in all of their own material), i.e. blue, white and green. I searched for suitable colour palettes on COLOURlovers, and chose use a combination of shades from this and this.


I retrieved the letter S from pixabay, and added it onto a layer.

In order to make the background "alive", I used words I learned and collected during the work placement.

I then decreased the opacity of the letter S, to make the contrast a little bit softer.

I added the title SOK Media, and created the circles for the three main tasks (milieu project, social media and meetings). I also added some icons to make the design more interesting.

I added some key words to explain each of the three main tasks, and used the colour green for these. I think the green gave the design a refreshing touch. Also, I ended up changing the title colour to white to make it easier to read. The light blue got lost in the background, but the white balances out the layout as a whole.


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