Sunday, 28 January 2018


As mentioned in one of the previous posts, I am happy to get to do my second work placement with 

BOND Creative Agency

The company's Finnish studio is located in Kruununhaka in Helsinki, which is where my traineeship takes place. Until the end of February, I will be working alongside the current producer trainee, who will brief me about her role in the agency, and gradually hand over all the tasks to me. From March until the end of August I will be fully responsible of the producer trainee's tasks. Right now I find that a bit terrifying, but I am sure that in a month's time I will feel ready for the task.

I only started my traineeship on Thursday 25th January, so my first week here is very short. Here is a bit about what went down during my first two days:


- briefing from Annette (the current producer trainee)
- setting up my work email, work station, Google Drive, Google calendar, Google Keep, Slack
- lunch with my colleagues
- picking up and unpacking a delivery
- emptying the bio waste
- filling and emptying the dishwasher
- making coffee
- cleaning up the conference room (used cups etc), and setting up for the next meeting (coffee cups, glasses, water bottles, coffee, tea, snacks)
- making an order at Anton&Anton's for tomorrow


- picking up buns from the bakery
- emptying and filling the dishwasher
- making coffee
- general tidying up
- refilling the snacks bowls
- research on approaching design awards
- returning bottles to recycling
- grocery shopping
- watering the plants
- commenting on a web design that is currently under development
- helped to pack up works for the "Vuoden Huiput" -competition
- helped to deliver the works to Arabia


nb = new business? (regardless the meaning is new customer)
palsu = palaveri
slack = the internal communication app used in the company
resu = resurssi
dedis = deadline
design driver
business goals
user tasks
primary navigation
secondary navigation
convert user to customer

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