Saturday, 3 February 2018


Because of confidentiality, I will not describe any projects in much detail. Also, including pictures is somewhat difficult because of this. Instead, I have chosen to document my day-to-day, tasks and learning in the form of lists in which I have collected tasks from each day.


- make coffee
- empty + oil the dishwasher
- general tidying
- "staffi" = weekly staff meeting
- Bond info with Olivia
- lunch with colleagues
- research on a few competitions (deadlines, file requirements, fees etc)
- answering the phone (note down who is calling, from where)
- research and ideas regarding the summer party (which I am in charge of organising)


- make coffee
- check paper hand towels, toilet roll, soap
- change kitchen towels
- message everyone regarding ice skating on Thursday
- learn to do "kululasku" (= bill for services ?)
- syncing Google Drive to Mac
- order more copying paper and ink
- lunch with colleagues
- go to the pharmacy
- check what is wanted for a meeting -> place an order at A&A
- look for a table for the coffee machine
- tidy up the kitchen cabinet


- make coffee
- empty + fill the dishwasher
- check paper hand towels, soap, toilet roll
- gather the required info from the designer for a competition entry
- answering the phone -> advise who to contact
- lunch with colleagues
- receiving and unpacking a delivery (the copying paper I ordered the other day)
- grocery shopping (online)
- pick up the order at A&A, prepare the meeting room
- place an order at A&A
- clean/empty the foam boards 
- contact the cleaner


- make coffee
- the basic stuff (dishwasher, paper hand towels check..)
- receiving and unpacking the grocery delivery
- answering the door for clients
- processing and sending out bills
- attending a meeting
- pick up order at the bakery
- preparing a present for an employee


- make coffee
- cleaning up after yesterday's celebrations (dishwasher etc)
- answering the door
- some paper work
- returning the bottles to recycling
- general tidying up
- picking up some pastries at A&A
- preparing the meeting room
- lunch with colleagues
- finishing a KeyNote -presentation for the project coordinator

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